Growing up in a small town in Michigan, it was almost required to cheer for the University of Michigan.  My father had raised me from a young age that the only team we were going to watch and cheer on was a Catholic institution in South Bend Indiana, and that is the University of Notre Dame.  I chose a school that was right across the street in order to get a wonderful education, and be a part of the greatest institution in the world.  Here at Holy Cross, I have been blessed to be able to be a part of one of the top schools in the country, but also to be able to enjoy a plethora of opportunities. 

I had a normal upbringing that went from high school to community college to where I am today at Holy Cross College, where I will be graduating from in December.  I got my first official job when I was fourteen years old working for my father at a golf club in Michigan where I am originally from.  Getting a job at a young age, and playing four sports all through high school taught me to manage my time, so I was able to work, practice my sports, and most importantly keep up with my studies.  This has molded me into the "Academic All Star", as my third grade teacher used to say, that I am today. 

Throughout my journey at Holy Cross, I have learned numerous things.  I was the captain of the men's golf team here, which taught me to be a leader and help my teammates when they were struggling.  Furthermore, I was able to improve my people skills as I volunteered at a soup kitchen; also I went to a juvenile correction facility where I was able to be a positive figure in a not so positive atmosphere.  But the conundrum that I am faced with now is; can these skills and experiences help me in my future endeavors as life in the real world looms near?

As I try to answer this question please explore my E-folio.  Click on the category tabs on the side as they lead you to a plethora of different things as it takes you on a magical journey I call my personal Holy Cross experience. 

My senior capstone is on December the 5th at 4:00 PM.  It will take place in the Pfeil Center conference room.  All are welcome!